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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • The Cable Row

    russ-iconThe cable rowing is one of my favorite exercises to develop the thickness and shape of my back. With this exercise I really feel the contraction when pulling back arching my back and lifting my chest out. Also on the forward phase of the cable row I really stretch out as if I’m doing the lateral spread ensuring I am using full motion to enhance the full development of my back. I usually use the V-bar handles attachment for this exercise but you can use other attachments/grips to work different angles of your back. Ensure you keep your torso within a few degrees of upright throughout the set and try and let your back curl forward at the bottom by contracting your shoulder blades at the top of each repetition.



    Remember always have a controlled movement and really contract/“squeeze” the muscle.

    “Train hard but smart”. You will definitely see results!

    Supplement yourself, ensure you consume Protein or BCAA’s straight after workout, preferably within 20 minutes. For quality supplements or other products visit Ultralife Nutrition. See you all soon guys and remember ‘stay classy’.


     Ultralife Athlete and the UKBFF British Classics Bodybuilding Champion ‘The Classy’ Rus Ali.


  • Give Your Diet A Healthy Boost



    I prefer to eat a healthy and balanced diet of food, rather than packets of meal replacements. But there are times when that doesn’t work. There are times when I need a meal to be fast, easy and filling.




    Fight Age With Antioxidants

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