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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Wide-Grip Pulldown

    rus wide grip pull down

    This exercise is always an exercise I highly recommend and also enjoy doing it. I can really focus on the muscle contraction at the bottom when I have pulled the wide-grip bar down keeping the tension on the back. I prefer to stay upright but lifting my chest and arching my lower back on the pulling downward phase. I also change the technique slightly and bring the wide-grip bar slightly lower more towards my lower chest as this will incorporate my lower and middle area of my lat's. I feel that doing this exercise with a little tweak in it makes it more exciting and beneficial for the development of my back. As I am conducting this exercise I imagine I am on stage doing the rear double bicep pose. Believe it or not this actually helps me connect my mind and muscle whilst doing this exercise. Try not to jerk the weight down or let it carry you back up and make sure you have a controlled movement at all times. I would say grip the bar 6 to 12 inches outside of each shoulder, whichever is the most comfortable.

    Untitled Supplement yourself, ensure you consume Protein or BCAA’s straight after workout, preferably within 20 minutes. For quality supplements or other products visit Ultralife Nutrition. See you all soon guys and remember ‘stay classy’.




    Ultralife Athlete and the UKBFF British Classics Bodybuilding Champion ‘The Classy’ Rus Ali. #UltraNutri #Stayclassy



  • Now Detoxify Yourself More Easily

    It is always a good habit to think about the healthy options and practice them as well. Our body system works like a machine. It needs regular care as well as cleansing for better performance. Detoxification of the body is an essential feature or function that can’t be denied. In case of negligence, our body can develop many issues related to the hormones. These hormonal issues can further indulge someone into more serious complications. For a very effective metabolism, it is also important to get rid of all the chemicals and toxic agents that use to become a hurdle between you and a healthy life. Liquids are the best solutions for detoxifying. They flush out all the harmful chemicals from the body and as a result, the body starts behaving like a very submissive one. Apart from water, there are few drinks which can be really helpful in maintaining this chemical balance within your body.



    The True Solution:

    When it comes to identifying the solution after the identification of the problem regarding the detoxification of the body, Ultralife detox is a miracle drink in this regard. One can drink this magical drink to get rid of all the related issues. You can have a healthy glowing skin as well as the good digestive system. One needs to understand the relationship between the digestive system and the beautification of the skin. It is essential to absorb and digest what all we eat and then its removal through the bowl system. If the body will not be in the position to digest the food certainly it will affect the bowl system. The result would be quite dangerous in form of development of toxic and chemicals. These harmful chemicals can further destroy many other functions of the body. To keep our digestive system in a stable condition, Ultralife detox is formulated with the same aim.

    This product use to fight out all the toxic agents that we can develop through the poor digestive system or through the polluted environment. Detox also remove the toxins from the gut system and regulate it as well. The healthy clay in this particular product helps out to perform this function. It also contains some of the herbs that are worldly renowned for maintaining the healthy intestinal flora. Good news is for those who are dealing with the obesity. This magical product can lessen the weight and can make to trim and slim. We are living in a world where it is not easy for us to avoid many of the adversities and tensions. These tensions can push us to more depression and anxiety. In order to fight out anxiety and to provide your mind, a cool soothing effect use detox as it can relax your mind which is essential for a healthy body. The maintenance of nutrients and their balance makes Ultralife detox a must use product. Drink it so you can actually feel the perks of being healthy. It’s just in your reach

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