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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • Training Tips From Ultralife Athlete The Classy Rus Ali

    Short Rest Intervals between Sets to Maximise Growth Hormone Levels

    Anyone who has ever lifted weights knows that short rest intervals between sets decreases intensity and training load.  However, the question is – “do short rest periods promote the anabolic effects of training?

    In my opinion, short rests between sets will increase more blood growth hormone levels.  An Iranian study* found that resting 60 seconds between sets (sets to failure) increased blood growth hormone levels more than say resting 120 seconds between the sets.  The growth hormone levels remained higher for 120 minutes when athletes rested only 60 seconds. (Journal Strength Conditioning Research, 24:1851-1859)


    Personally I normally have short rest periods. I would have a 30 second rest period between sets for smaller muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, deltoids or pectorals. However I would have a 60 second rest period between sets on larger muscle groups such as when training legs or back.

    Remember always have a controlled movement and really contract/“squeeze” the muscle.

    “Train hard but smart”. You will definitely see results!


    Supplement yourself, ensure you consume Protein or BCAA’s straight after workout, preferably within 20 minutes. For quality supplements or other products visit Ultralife website.

    Ultralife Athlete and the UKBFF British Classics Champion, ‘The Classy’ Rus Ali.   

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